Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Paris recommendations: (think I last updated last about 5 years ago…)

Go to Maille mustard shop, near Madelaine. They have beer-like taps, out comes the mustard... posh little shop sells only mustard and olive oil.

L'as du Falafel, in the Marais. The best falafel I have ever had... and since this was a Jewish neighborhood back in the day, most everything is open on Sunday when the rest of the town is closed...

Jardins de Luxemburg, kind of the central park of Paris, if you are American this is where you jog, see the funny children's boat area, where the kids get a boat and a long stick... I think I read that the Punch and Judy show that was in the movie Charade, is still operating...

Get on top of tall stuff: Notre Dame church, Tour de Montparnasse, Arche de Triompe, Arche de la Defense... of course Eiffel tour

Stop at Cafes at least twice per day. (Stand at the Zinc counter in the AM.)

Line up to buy your bread everyday

PDA, not as much as in Brazil, but remarkable

Bring your doggies right into the restaurants and stores... but watch out for their poop on the sidewalks...

Just because the subway map shows the lines connecting you might have to walk a mile underground to get there. (Forget about finding connecting line at Chatelet, I always get lost in that station...)

Don’t expect to find many "standing" bars in Paris, they always tend to hang at sitting places, but the stand-up places do exist, they are just rare and might be American or English owned

Another awesome food place: Dehillerin, for copper pots, great prices. This kitchen/restaurant supply store must have last been decorated in 1862, Emile speaks English...

St Severine has a weird solar calendar or something occult-like on floor of this especially dark dusty atmospheric church, see the pendulum in the pantheon proving the earth’s rotation? St Chapelle: amazing amazing amazing stained glass, hopefully the scaffolding will be down and the day sunny. Too bad that all of the medieval churches were severely compromised during the revolution and most of the decor etc was re-done in the post Victor Hugo: Hunchback of Notre Dame era...

Macaroon cookies from Ladure, only get a few for the two of you, they are so rich that two are plenty... and get them to go, the tearoom is very posh ladies who lunch

I had a hard time finding WIFI, internet cafes only let you use their machines, McDonalds does have WIFI, but who wants to be the American hanging out at Mickey D's on your trip to France? "freedom fries"!!!!!

I hope no major groups go on strike while you are there. But you might see the weekly parade of groups who protest all in one big parade down the street, (rue des ecoles is one major venue for protest marches)

Aoiki pastries: this is a Japanese pastry shop in the french style: AMAZING... however stay away from their croissants and bread items they are not nearly as great as the pastries.

See a movie at le grand rex to look at the ceiling.

Dame tartine - good restaurant just next to beaubourg, next to the fountain.

Everybody always enjoys a day at Pere Lachaise cemetery: Jim Morrison's grave... also do you know Heloise and Abelard? "perhaps the most tragic love story ever" they are buried next to each other...

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