Monday, January 3, 2011

Pantherella you make some solid socks, the wool ones not the cotton.

While they cost at least $22 a pair they wear like iron.

I started buying them about 4 years ago, have not tossed a pair due to wear yet.

One would think wool wouldn't be best in the summer months, but I find the opposite is true as the cotton ones absorb the moisture the wool seems to wick it away from the skin...

Leicester and Leicestershire has had a traditional industry of knitwear, hosiery and footwear, and the sheep on the county's coat of arms is recognition of this. The local manufacturing industry, which began with hand knitting in the Middle Ages, and was fully industrialized by the end of the 19th century. Today Leicestershire companies focus on high quality clothing and specialty textiles. One such company is Pantherella who make socks at their Hallaton Street factory off Saffron Lane which are sold in high end department stores around the world.

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