Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A close to perfect mix list from college friend EVR, music he remembers from 9/83-5/87 so many songs particular to time and place in my memory. could only be better with a Sparks song.

(some personal favorites, some that didn't fit any of the compilation "themes", and some favorite local bands)
1. Big Star-Back Of A Car
2. Chris Bell-I Am The Cosmos
3. The Soft Boys-I Wanna Destroy You
4. Robyn Hitchcock-My Wife And My Dead Wife
5. Orange Juice-Falling And Laughing
6. The Monochrome Set-He's Frank
7. The Jesus And Mary Chain-Just Like Honey
8. The Only Ones-Another Girl, Another Planet
9. The Flamin' Groovies-Shake Some Action
10. Television-See No Evil
11. Feelies-Fa Ce La
12. The Golden Palominos-Omaha
13. The Real Kids-All Kindsa Girls
14. Eddie And The Hot Rods-Do Anything You Wanna Do
15. Husker Du-Makes No Sense At All
16. Minutemen-This Ain't No Picnic
17. The People's Front-Another Wasted Life
18. Plastic Device-These Are The Things That Make Us Great
19. The Snackmates-Darkest House On The Block
20. The Magic Skyboat-She's A Friend Of Mine
21. The Moment-Plastic Pearls
22. Things In Common-Why Do You Do This To Me
23. 10,000 Maniacs-Planned Obsolescence
24. The Escalators-Munsters Theme
25. Hasil Adkins-No More Hot Dogs

1. The Assembly-Never Never
2. The B-52's-Whammy Kiss
3. Bad Manners-Lip Up Fatty
4. Big Audio Dynamite-Medicine Show
5. Jim Carroll Band-People Who Died
6. China Crisis-Working With Fire And Steel
7. The Cure-Boys Don't Cry
8. D.A.F.-Der Mussolini
9. Depeche Mode-Get The Balance Right
10. Eartha Kitt-Where Is My Man
11. The English Beat-Save It For Later
12. Fad Gadget-Collapsing New People
13. Marianne Faithfull-Broken English
14. The Flying Lizards-Money
15. Fred Schneider-Monster
16. Intaferon-Get Out Of London
17. Killing Joke-Love Like Blood
18. The Normal-Warm Leatherette

1. Josie Cotton-Johnny Are You Queer
2. The Nails-88 Lines About 44 Women
3. New Order-Temptation
4. O.M.D.-Her Body In My Soul
5. P.I.L-This Is Not A Love Song
6. Rico w/The Special AKA-Jungle Music
7. Romeo Void-Never Say Never
8. Shriekback-Lined Up
9. Soft Cell-What
10. The Special AKA-Nelson Mandela
11. Talk Talk-Life's What You Make It
12. Talking Heads-And She Was
13. The The-Uncertain Smile
14. Tom Tom Club-Genius Of Love
15. The Waitresses-I Know What Boys Like
16. Yazoo-Don't Go

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